Secure Your Computing


A whitepaper/overview for home users to assist in securing their computers against unauthorized access, usage and data loss.


Many home (and indeed small business) computer users do not actively consider security when they undertake to use a computer, but they will typically operate many pieces of software, connect to and surf the internet, receive emails, store their personal and/or business information, carry out online banking activities etc – all of which can expose them and/or their data to certain risks.

Originally written in 2011 (and therefore not "up-to-date") - "Secure Your Computing" is intended as a guide to help a home (or possibly small business) user to secure their computers and the data they contain. The guide focuses mainly on the Windows Operating System family (XP thru Windows 7), although sections 2.0, 3.0, 6.0 & 7.0 can apply to any computer. The reader should consider searching for alternatives for other operating systems if required, and (time permitting) the guide will be updated in due course.

The document is available to read via the window below, or you can download the PDF to read offline.